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7 great things to do in Costa Nova

Founded in 1808, Costa Nova is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Portuguese coast. There are many places and experiences that you should not miss during your visit. Check here 7 things you need to do in Costa Nova:

Discover the “Palheiros” of  Costa Nova

Famous typical houses with colorful stripes, initially used to store fishing gear. Over the years, some fishermen began to transform the haystacks by adapting them to accommodation spaces that began to accommodate families during the summer season. Today they are Costa Nova main ex-libris.

Stroll along the “Ria de Aveiro”

On foot or by bike, a stroll along the “Ria de Aveiro” is a very healthy and highly recommended way to experience this area of unique beauty. With Ria as a background it is possible to safely travel a distance of about 6 km from Costa Nova to Vagueira.

Taste the “best” egg tart

Although it is not a typical recipe of Aveiro, is in Costa Nova, which for many, you can taste some of the best egg tarts of the whole country.

Visit the “Cais Criativo”

Opened on January 17, 2016, it is located on the seafront of Costa Nova. It is an exceptional architectural piece, overlooking the dunes and the church of Costa Nova, with free access to the top of the building.

Costa Nova Fish Market

Place where the fish is king. With the sea and the Ria next to it, there is always fish and seafood, very fresh and tasty! With its own facilities for the confection of seafood, it guarantees the highest quality and freshness to this delicacy. The market only closes Mondays and has seafood every weekend.

 Visit the Church of Costa Nova

Opened in April 2000, the Church of Costa Nova, with more modern lines, was built in hexagonal form. It has in its interior large panels of tile and a single image, the one of the patroness, “N. Srº. da Saúde”.

Watch the sunset at Costa Nova Beach

Por Sol Costa Nova

The image speaks for itself! At the end the day there is nothing better than relaxing while enjoying the beauty of the sunset on the Costa Nova beach.




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