A Minigolf event open to everyone!

Minigolfe da Costa Nova

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Minigolf Summit 2018. A Minigolf event open to everyone!

From May 19th to 29th Costa Nova hosts the first ever Minigolf Summit. Come celebrate the sport and support the Minigolf. A Minigolf event open to everyone!

What is the Minigolf Summit?

Six national and international Minigolf events/competitions, distributed over ten days. A way of celebrating the sport and supporting the Minigolf, which will be held in Aveiro in the space of the Minigolf of Costa Nova, with the support of Lusogolfe, the “Associação Cultural dos Surdos de Águeda” and Minigolfe.pt.

What competitions and events are part of the program?

The opening tournament will be the XXII “Palheiros da Costa Nova”, from May 19th to 20th, followed by the Meeting “Geração Senior” for institutions for seniors on May 21th and the Meeting “+ Inclusão” for disabled people on May 22 .

The highlight of the Minigolf Summit is reserved for the 25th and 26th of May with the Open European Deaf Minigolf Championship, the first organized in the history of the Minigolf World Sport Federation.

There will also be the Minigolf Challenge – Closing School Sports on May 28th, and the 1st Minigolf Tournament for Blind People on May 29th, in partnership with the Aveiro School “José Estevão”.

Where can I keep up with all the news?

You can follow all the news on our official website (www.2018.minigolf-summit.com), on our Facebook page and also on the Minigolfe.pt website (www.minigolfe.pt) that you must follow to don’t miss  any important information and updates.




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