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Naresh Aggarwal praises ‘Minigolf for the Blind’ project

Naresh Aggarwal, International President of Lions Clubs, visited Braga this weekend for the Portuguese Lions Conventions, where he took the chance to get a closer look at the Minigolf for the Blind People project.

Invited by the Governor of the D115 CN, Paulo Rodrigues (in the group photo, the second on the left) and by the President of the Santa Joana Princesa Lions Club, Isabel Oliva-Teles, the students of the José Estêvão Secondary School from Aveiro, and project leaders, had the opportunity to show their work.

Among the presents were some of the most important people of Lions Clubs, as well as Graça Gerardo, president of the assembly of ACAPO (Blind and Amblyopic of Portugal Association) and member of Lions Clubs, and also Victor Condeço, president of the European Minigolfsport Federation.

At the center is Naresh Aggarwal, president of Lions Clubs International. | ©Minigolfe.pt

Graça Gerardo, president of ACAPO and member of Lions Clubs. | ©Minigolfe.pt

Organized by the Lions Clubs of Braga, the conventions took place from April 21th to 23th, at the University of Minho, where it was possible to test lanes and accessories for Minigolf adapted to the Blind. The opinions and comments that were made throughout the weekend were unanimous and the praise for the project was many.

According to Victor Condeço, “it’s a pleasure to see students bet on Minigolf, and trying to offer all blind people the opportunity to play,” adding that they are “initiatives such as these that help to promote Minigolf as an integrative sport that can be played by all without limitation. ”

Victor Condeço, president of the European Minigolfsport Federation. | ©Minigolfe.pt


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