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Minigolfe da Costa Nova

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After Italy, Sweden and Portugal, now come the confirmation from Hungary players. Krisztian Csibran, Ede Adorjan and Zoltan Vig, are the athletes who will represent the Hungarian colors at the Open European Deaf Minigolf Championships. The first Minigolf European for the Deaf will be held on May...

Waiting for the authorization of their country to travel to Portugal, Ghanaians athletes take the time to train, in a preparation tournament for the Open European Deaf Minigolf Championships 2018. With a total of 23 entries and 7 countries, including Congo, Togo, Sudan, Guinea, Niger and...

Founded in 1808, Costa Nova is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Portuguese coast. There are many places and experiences that you should not miss during your visit. Check here 7 things you need to do in Costa Nova: Discover the "Palheiros" of  Costa...